City of Milwaukee 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Professional Management by Voya Retirement Advisors

Professional Management by Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC (VRA)
VRA uses information on file about your savings balance, pension benefit (if applicable) and Social Security estimate to develop a retirement income projection for you. If you want to add outside account information like personal savings into your forecast simply click Other Retirement Savings & Income.

The service helps you consider if your savings will be adequate and explore changes that can help ensure that your retirement income will match your retirement expenses.

For online advice, click More Resources and then Voya Retirement Advisors.
With the click of one button you can accept and implement the recommendations, or you can save the recommendations for future consideration. See more information by clicking the above link.

Professional Management
If you prefer to have a professional manage your account, a full-service option is available. A VRA Investment Advisor Representative conducts a retirement assessment for you and recommends investment options to fit your unique situation and retirement goals. If you enroll in this optional service, a fee is deducted directly from your account each month.

Should you enroll in the Professional Management program, you will also benefit from an investment review every 30 days. VRA will make any necessary adjustments to your retirement plan account and keeps you informed of the changes via a retirement update. For a no-obligation retirement assessment, call 844-360-MDCP (844-360-6327) and ask to speak to a VRA Investment Advisor Representative. Call 844-360-MDCP (844-360-6327) if you would like to start or stop the service at any time.

A tiered fee schedule applies, which includes reduced Professional Management fees for larger account balances, and is as follows:

Account Balance Annual Fee
First $100,000 0.55%
Next $150,000 0.40%
Amounts over $250,000 0.25%
There are no hidden fees, no commission, and no transaction fees for the program

For more information about the Voya Retirement Advisors please review the Advisory Services Fact Sheet which details the fees associated with the Professional Management. Advisory Services provided by Voya Retirement Advisors LLC. Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC does not give tax or legal advice. If you need tax advice, consult your accountant or if you need legal advice consult your lawyer. For more information, please read the Voya Investment Advisors Disclosure Statement. A Disclosure Statement may be viewed online by accessing Voya Retirement Advisors. You may also request it from a Retirement Advisor Representative by calling 844-360-MDCP (844-360-6327). Edelman Financial EnginesĀ® is a registered trademark of Edelman Financial Engines, LLC.