City of Milwaukee 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Withdrawing Money while Employed

The following types of withdrawals* are available through the Plan while still employed:
  • Unforeseen Emergency Withdrawal: Unforeseen Emergency Withdrawals are permitted for unexpected, severe financial emergency, including unreimbursed medical expenses, the loss of a participant’s property, any similar extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances arising as a result of events beyond the control of the employee.
  • De Minimis Option: Participants who are still employed and who meet the following criteria may make a one-time request to withdraw up to 100 percent of their account balance for any reason:
    • Have not contributed to the Plan for at least two years, and
    • Have a total account balance of $5,000 or less.
  • Rollover Withdrawals: If you have previously rolled money into your Plan account, you can take a withdrawal of your rollover balance at any time. You can make this request by going to Account>Withdrawal. No forms are required.
  • Age 70½ Withdrawal: Upon reaching age 70½, you may withdraw funds from your account while still employed.
If logged in, you can request a withdrawal through this website under Account>Withdrawal or by calling the Information Line at 844-360-MDCP (844-360-6327). If you would like to withdraw the Roth portion of your account as part of a Deminimus withdrawal, please call the Information Line at 844-360-MDCP (844-360-6327).

Withdrawals from the Plan may be subject to 20% federal tax withholding, and state and local taxes may also apply. Any portion of a withdrawal attributable to qualified Roth after-tax contributions (but not earnings (unless you are age 59½ or older and meet the 5-year rule on first contribution) are not subject to tax withholding. If you are younger than age 59½, a 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply. The withholding rules for distributions also apply to rollover money from other plans.

*Transactions completed before the close of the New York Stock Exchange (normally 3:00 p.m. Central time) will be processed at Voya the same business day. Transactions completed after the New York Stock Exchange closes will be processed at Voya the next business day. You may cancel a transaction if you do so before 3:00 p.m. Central time on the same business day the transaction was made.